Fitness Tips
Salt and obesity:-

Well,the answer is more or less Yes….Sodium is an essential nutrient for a healthy body…it helps balance fluids within the body and keeps muscles and nerves working….However only small amount is needed for that..Other then high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke….Too much salt may cause ‘ Water Weight Gain’….Salt causes ‘Water Rentention ‘ and leaves you feeling swollen and bloated.. High salt diets contributes to face fat too …and cutting down sodium will shed ‘Water Weight’..and help you to get leaner and toned muscles….but,IT WON’T AFFECT BODY FAT….
Cutting salt is definitely good for your overall health….
Cut processed food,pickles,chutney and papad from your diet…whatever is going in your body through your meals is adequate..Extra will only harm you…

There is no doubt that mangoes are a healthy fruit to eat because they are an excellent source of many nutrients, such as vitamin A and C….They can be eaten on their own, thrown into fruit salads or added to smoothie…

Nutritional information :-

1 cup of serving (165g) of sliced mango contains

Calories = 107

Fat = 0

Cholesterol = 0

Sodium = 3mg

Carbs = 28g

Fibre = 3g

Sugar = 24g

Protein = 1g

Mangoes are naturally sweet which means they can help satisfy a sweet tooth, for fewer calories than other foods….Can eating mangoes make you fat?

You gain weight and start to store fat if you consume more than your body burns…Technically, any food if eaten in abundance can be fattening, however one size mango has approx 150 calories,so don’t combine it with your meals especially with will add more calories to your meals…it is aways better to have mangoes in place of mid morning or evening snacks…..this way you can enjoy the delicious taste of the seasonal fruit without worrying about the additional calories…

No Indian meal is complete without rice or chapati…Both are a part of our breakfast,lunch or dinner or all three…Rice vs chapati is a very common topic…..

Have a look at the pros and to make your choice easier…

1:- Both food items have similar carbohydrates levels and calorific value,but different nutrients value coz chapatis contain more protein and fibre than rice….

2:- Rice are easier to digest coz of its startch content whereas roti digests slowly…

3:- Both rice and chapati provide Folate, water soluble B- Vitamin. .. Rice is a better source of Folate than chapati….

4:- Each serving of chapati provides you with calcium,phosphorus, iron and potassium whereas rice provides you same amount of iron but less phosphorus, potassium and magnesium…Rice doesn’t content any calcium….

5:- Chapatis contain fibre,protein,micronutrients and sodium…Rice doesn’t contain any sodium…

6:- Both wheat and rice, have similar glecmic index which that they raise the blood sugar level to the same extent….

Conclusion : Due to slow digestion Roti keeps you full for longer, you dont feel hungry for a longer time which is a plus point for weight watchers. ..

7:- Rice doesn’t contain any sodium. …so if you are watching your sodium intake,then rice will be a better option…..

As long as you restrict the quantity, it doesn’t matter what you eat…..If two portions of cereals as 1 chapati and 1 small bowl of rice are consumed,it’s absolutely alright……however choose unpolished rice over polished rice….

unhealthy habits can strat to develop after many years of neglecting your body,without you ever realising it. Go through the list carefully and start planning for your future by putting a stop to these unhealthy habits….

When people ask me what do I do to remain fit? The following things mentioned below I never do in order to remain fit …Stop thinking,strat following……

1:- Not setting aside time to excercise:-No matter how busy your daily chores are keeping you….take 30 min out for yourself…your body deserves it…else you will pay heavily for it later….

2:- Don’t drink your calories…It’s not only about eating,it’s about drinking too..keep yourself away from,heavy caffeine, caned juices,sodas…..Drink water,buttermilk,fresh fruit juices,lemon water instead…

3:- Eating junk food:- you all know what eating junk can do to your body….Eating is far away,I don’t even look at it….Eat local food instead…once in a month you can cheat on your meals but not every now and then….

4:- Eating in front of the TV:-you are so distracted that you don’t know when to stop stuffing your mouth and end up eating more than you actually require…Don’t eat in front of TV….

5:- Abnormal sleeping patterns :- Skipping even one hour sleep per day can have drastic effect on your health.improve your sleeping pattern…..

6:- Caffeine addiction:- too much Caffeine can affect your regular sleeping pattern and can lead to high
Stress..cut on your tea and coffee….

7:- ignoring your nutrients :- if you aren’t supplying your body with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients,you are putting yourself at risk for developing severe health complications….keep a watch on what’s going into your plate… eat healthy.

8:- going overboard on alcohol :-Consume in moderation….cut on vodka,breezer and beer…switch to rum or whisky…

9:- smoking :-the worst of all these unhealthy habits on the list is smoking….smoke can give you severe health risk…

Whenever you get into any hard core workout,you will have sore muscles undoubtedly…since your muscles are working…But that pain vanishes in few days…. but,yes if the pain continues for more than expected and becomes uncomfortable for you….NEVER IGNORE IT….You may cause stress and damage to your joints and muscles if you continue exercising in pain….

Take care…

There’s no race.

There’s no finish line.

The goal is not to see how much

And how fast you lose weight.

The goal is to upgrade YOU..

To be a better version of YOU every single day for the rest of your life….

For most of the people,it’s ok to start an excercise programme without checking with the doctor,However if you have not excercised in a while, you are over age 40 or have a medical condition,contact your doctor before starting an excercise programme.

When you lift weight 3 times a week… gain 5 pound of muscles and loose 16 pounds of fat!!!

As you shed pounds and add muscle,your body size decreases and you look light, toned and fit….you won’t feel it till the time you do it….

Do cardio 3 times a week and rest 3 days lift weights and do strengthening….

Everyone wonders how much excercise is enough ? Well,it totally, depends on what kind of excercise you are doing, plus what are your goals?

If your goal is…..

1:- Burning more calories and shedding weight. Then you need to spend at least 40 to 60 minutes in the gym everday atleast 6 days a week..And only walking and slow jogging on a treadmill will not help in shedding those extra kilos.. For that you need a high calories burn workout like, aerobics, zumba , swimming ,cycling, skipping, high or low intensity along with weight training….

If your goal is…..

2:-.Super charging your strength…..if weight is not an issue and you just want to work on your strength and toning..then 30 min of weight lifting and strengthening in gym every alternate day should be adequate….rest 3 days you can go for a walk or slow jog if you feel like….

Otherwise for a healthy living 30 min for 5 days is mandatory….that much time you must give to yourself….Even if you go just for a brisk walk….