How much is too much?

Everyone wonders how much excercise is enough ? Well, it totally depends on what kind of excercise you are doing, plus what are your goals?

– If your goal is…..

1:- Burning more calories and shedding weight. Then you need to spend at least 40 to 60 minutes in the gym everday atleast 6 days a week. Only walking and slow jogging on a treadmill will not help in shedding those extra kilos.. For that you need a high calorie burn workout like, aerobics, zumba , swimming ,cycling, skipping, high or low intensity along with weight training….

– If your goal is…..

2:- Super charging your strength…..if weight is not an issue and you just want to work on your strength and toning..then 30 min of weight lifting and strengthening in gym every alternate day should be adequate….rest 3 days you can go for a walk or slow jog if you feel like it….

Otherwise for a healthy living, 30 min of excerise for 5 days is mandatory….that much time you must give to yourself….Even if you go just for a brisk walk.

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