Lack of motivation?

Lack of motivation? Need to kickstart the excercise which you have been planing all month? RIGHT, all you need to do is this

  • Tell yourself constantly why you need to excercise? Make a note of the difference between your energy levels when you excercise and when you don’t. Also, write down your fitness goals and reaffirm them to yourself. This will remind you of the benefits of giving time to yourself.
  • Initially, it may feel like a good deal of effort, but soon it will become a part of your lifestyle. And once you start seeing the result, you will get hooked onto it. So get up and go. It’s the only way to optimise your health.
  • When people ask me my secret of fitness. I tell them “It’s a promise made to myself to remain in the same body frame till the time I can” That’s the first thing I tell to myself everyday, without fail when I get up. And for that I work hard. More than a passion I have integrated it in my lifestyle.

Respect your body
Fuel your body
Challenge your body
Move your body
And most of all