Salt and obesity

Does salt really contribute in weight gain?

Well, the answer is more or less ‘Yes’. Sodium is an essential nutrient for a healthy body. It helps balance fluids within the body and keeps muscles and nerves working. However only a small amount is needed for that.

Other than high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, too much salt intake may cause Water Weight Gain. Salt causes ‘Water Rentention’ and leaves you feeling swollen and bloated.

High salt diets contributes in buliding up fat in the facial area too. Cutting down salt intake will shed ‘Water Weight’ and help you to get leaner with toned muscles.


Cutting salt is definitely good for your overall health.

Cut away additives like processed food, pickles, chutney and papad from your diet. Whatever is going in your body through your normal meals is adequate. Extra salt will only harm you.

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