Training myths

5 common strength training myths

  • Myth : Squats are bad for your knees
    1. Fact : No,Squats are NOT bad for your knees,they are actually really good for them. Squatting with bad form is bad for your knees.
  • Myth : Crunches gives you a 6 pack
    1. Fact : Crunches DO NOT gives you a 6 pack. The only way to get 6 packs is by losing enough fat until they become visible.
  • Myth : Doing an excercise for a specific body part will burn fat on that body part
    1. Fact : Doing an excercise will NOT burn fat in the same spot. It will build muscle,yes, but your body chooses where it loses fat and in what order.
  • Myth : If you aren’t sore, you didn’t work hard enough
    1. Fact : Being sore isn’t bad but you aren’t sore it doesn’t mean your workout was a waste.
  • Myth : Lifting weight makes you look manly or masculine
    1. Fact : It takes years, very specific workout and lots of supplements to make you look like that. Lifting weights get your body shape more defined and help you burn fat.