Unhealthy habits you need to break

Unhealthy habits can start to develop after many years of neglecting your body, without you ever realising it. Go through the list given below carefully and start planning for your future by putting a stop to these unhealthy habits

When people ask me what do I do to remain fit? The things mentioned below are on the top of my NOT TO DO LIST. Stop thinking, start following :

  • Not setting aside time to excercise. No matter how busy your daily chores are keeping you do take out 30 min for yourself. Your body deserves it. Else you will pay heavily for it later.
  • Don’t drink your calories. It’s not only about eating, it’s about drinking too. Keep yourself away from heavily caffeinated drinks, caned juices, sodas. Drink water, buttermilk, fresh fruit juices, lemon water instead.
  • Eating junk food. You all are aware what eating junk can do to your body. Eating is far away, I don’t even look at it. It stops the temptation. Eat local food instead. Once in a month you can cheat on your meals but not every now and then.
  • Eating in front of the TV. You are so distracted that you don’t know when to stop stuffing your mouth and end up eating more than you actually require. Don’t eat in front of TV.
  • Abnormal sleeping patterns :- Skipping even one hour sleep per day can have drastic effect on your health. Improve your sleeping pattern.
  • Caffeine addiction. Too much Caffeine can affect your regular sleeping pattern and can lead to higher stress in your life. Cut down on your tea and coffee.
  • Ignoring your nutrients. If you aren’t supplying your body with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, you are putting yourself at risk for developing severe health complications. Keep a watch on what’s going into your plate. Eat healthy and varied diets. Take suppliments only if your doctor advises you to do so.
  • Going overboard on alcohol. Consume in moderation. Cut down on vodka,breezer and beer. Wwitch to rum or whisky
  • Smoking. the worst of all these unhealthy habits on the list is smoking. I don’t need to elaborate on it. My husband was able to kick the habit after a lot of effort from my side. A healthy life partner is as important as a healthy you.

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