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Rashmi Rawat

Hi everybody, I am your personal trainer and motivator Rashmi Rawat. How are you doing? Well, before I tell you about my professional qualifications, work experience and achievements, let’s talk about Rashmi Rawat as a person. Let me tell you about my family background, the place where I belong to and a little about my personal life, hobbies and other interests.

Basically I’m a highlander with roots in Uttarakhand. I was born and brought up in Mussoorie. I’m a History graduate and have done my B.Ed too. I am married to a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force for 14 happy years now. I am a mother to a eleven year old daughter and furry baby dog of 6 years.

Being a PAHADI, I have always been full of strength and stamina. I have always been passionate about fitness. I proudly say that I’m still in the same body frame as I was in my college days. I only got fitter and stronger with each passing day. Even during my pregnancy I had set a target for myself..No matter what, I won’t let my weight exceed more than 10kgs. All I finally put on was 6.5 kgs. My daughter was one healthy baby of 3.5 kg. She was born in 2010 and till 2013 I remained busy raising her up during the initial years. Hence I couldn’t give much time to myself. I was lean but was certainly low on energy, so I decided to bounce back with full force.

I started hitting the gym regularly, building my strength and stamina, taking care of my body and falling in love with myself once again. There was no looking back after that..

I started my fitness career as a coach in 2015 and coached many ladies and gentlemen in various Air Force Stations. I am now a full time online fitness and nutrition coach.

Other than my fitness routine and work as a professional coach; my home and daughter keeps me busy. I love gardening and reading about health, food and fitness. I also like writing blogs for my webpage and website. By nature I’m a loner; I love my own company and don’t like to be surrounded by people all the time. I eat to live and not live to eat. I love travelling and I’m a huge animal lover, hence a vegetarian:)

The purpose of my life is to contribute in some way to make things around me better.

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