Motherhood is a blessing. Carrying a child in your womb for 9 months and then giving birth creates a lifelong bond that can’t be broken. All mothers including me would agree to it. Although every new mom is eager to look like her old self again. One of the most important thing to remember is to be patient with yourself. Your favourite celebrity might have gone to size 0 within two months of childbirth but she may not have done it in a way that was good for her body. It took 9 months to get there. It should at least take that long to get back. You all will agree to it? 

If you ask me, how did I do it? Well in my case it was a case of ‘prevention is better than cure’. I felt very strongly about not to put on extra weight (which is not required) and focus on healthy weight and body during my pregnancy. After my 1st trimester, I was very regular with my walks and yoga (breathing and prenatal exercises). I was cleaning and moping my bed room on my own. Washing and cleaning was a part of my daily exercise routine. Since we were putting up at first floor, I made sure that I’m climbing those 18–20 stairs everyday minimum twice. I was taking 6–7 small meals. Although I had a very strong craving for sweets during my pregnancy but still the total weight I put on was less than 6 kgs and managed to deliver a healthy baby of 3.5 kgs. So in my case I bounced back immediately after giving birth to my daughter. I had sworn to myself not to put on access weight so I didn’t. I firmly believe, when you decide something you already half way there. 

But don’t worry if you binge during pregnancy and have put on more than required, patience is the key.A healthy diet with daily exercise will help you to shed those extra pounds. Remember your body needs time to recover from childbirth. If you loose weight too soon after childbirth, it takes longer for you to recover. Give time to yourself until you are through with your 6 weeks check-up (if delivered normally).If you are breastfeeding, wait until your baby is at least 2 months old. Cutting calories drastically might effect your milk supply. The weight loss will happen slowly and gradually by eating healthy and of course through exercising. 

  1. Choose more boiled and baked food than fried, as most of the time you are either sitting or lying with your baby and less physically active.
  2. Eat 6–7 small meals so that you digest it easily even if you are sitting or lying most of the time.
  3. Limit your consumption of sugar, saturated and trans fat (it will show you quick result).
  4. Choose low fat dairy products.
  5. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.
  6. Go for healthy snacking which is full of fiber and protein. It helps you keeping full for a longer time. Eating healthy will really help you shedding in a healthy manner.
  7. Eat a little less and move a little more works wonders in shedding extra weight. Initially don’t overdo it. Start with 15 mins walk in the morning and 15 mins in the evening followed by light stretching after 6–8 weeks of your delivery.
  8. It is best not to do sit ups and aerobics exercise such as running, jumping and dancing until your pelvic floor and joints recover fully. Who knows your body better than you.
  9. Talk to the health expert before starting with a new exercise program.10- If you had a cesarean, it will take a little more to recover as the healing process takes a little longer than normal delivery. 

My dear momies, your body needs time to recover from labour and birth. Give yourself plenty of time to get back in shape.  

You are beautiful and it’s true.

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