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100% customized as per your current health and fitness goals

4 customized meal plans and 5 structured workout videos in one week

  • Combination plans (meal + workout) for fat loss ,muscle gain and better fitness levels
  • 4 full fledged meal plans for the whole week, Indian and home cooked, easy to follow, vegetarian / non vegetarian both, according to the food preferences mentioned by the client.
  • Will be 100% customized as per the client's requirements/ needs, health and fitness goals.
  • ➡️And
  • ➡️5 Workout plans (videos)for the whole week, from Monday to Friday only.
  • Home workout videos of bodyweight and dumbbells.
  • Workouts of all levels from beginner to advanced. To work on endurance, strength, injuries and pain.
  • ➡️Combination plans also include various body scans and muscle relaxation techniques (exercises) to work on complete body relaxation, stress/anxiety and sleeping issues. These issues play a very important role in the fitness journey.
  • Further details about the plans are sent only after the registration.
  • 👉The mode of payment is online and in advance. ( net banking/ gpay/paytm, once the plans are confirmed by the client, the payment details for the booking will be sent.
  • 👉The client will be connected through a call for the detailed conversation , once the session is booked by paying for it.
  • 👉No pause or break in between the plans.
  • 👉The fee is non refundable
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