Why Fitness Goals Are Important And How To Set Them?

Wish It, Plan It, Achieve It.

The process of setting big goals can be life changing in whatever we want to achieve in life. Basketball legend Michael Jordan once said, I’m a firm believer in goal setting, step by step, I can’t see any other way of accomplishing anything.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to a definition of goals, how to set and achieve them. Since you follow my page and blogs for fitness reasons, I would talk about fitness goals only. By following these eight steps you can gradually work towards them.

First, you must realize that a goal is the aim or desired result of a person’s ambition or effort. it is important to regularly ask yourself, what do I really want to accomplish in my life and what are my fitness and health goals?

First of all identify your goal and begin with small goals for this year and followed by next year, bigger goals for the next three to five years, and one biggest goal or dream accomplishment to be achieved within your entire fitness journey.

Second, once you have identified your goals, then you should see it, believe it and work towards it. All goals start with clarifying what it is. It can be anything from becoming a regular runner to a pace runner to a marathoner and eventually an ultramarathoner or a bodybuilder. It can also be simply keep getting better with whatever you are doing to keep yourself healthier and fitter.

Third, you must identify which goals are most important to you and write them down. Display your goals in a location where you can see them regularly for motivation, such as on your bedroom wall, your working desk, or the refrigerator.

Talk with your coach or your partner, close friends, or people with similar interests about your goals to hold yourself accountable. The more your coach, partner, or community of friends know about your goals, the more support, and accountability you will have in moving toward them and achieving them forth.

Now that you have identified the most important goals, visualize yourself achieving these goals by drawing an image or building a collage that represents your dream or big-picture goal. Place this image or collage in a location where you’ll see it often. You could add a picture of an athlete or someone you know and respect who has achieved incredible success. When you look at these images, imagine yourself in the picture on someone else’s wall. Visual images are an incredibly powerful motivator in achieving big dreams and goals.

Fifth, make sure that your big picture or seemingly impossible goal is one that puts a big smile on your face and butterflies in your stomach when you visualize yourself accomplishing it. This goal should motivate you and give you the energy and vision to persevere and deal with the ups and downs during your fitness journey. I try to set goals that seem kind of unreasonable at first, as I work toward them, the more reasonable they look. Strive for something that is beyond your current abilities. Consider goals that are outside of your current circumstance or skill set. Likewise, the harder and smarter you work toward your goals, the more reasonable they will start to look.

Step number six is to stay on track with your long and short term goals. Set a daily goal. Ask yourself and answer. What do I want to accomplish today? Or what do I want to improve on today? A daily goal provides direction, clarity, and support. Breaking large goals into smaller daily goals can also help the achievement process seem more reasonable and obtainable.

Step no seven… With these goals in mind, go out and walk, jog or run with a purpose. Make sure there is a specific time to achieve your activity.. Work on a specific skill with a purpose. The body goes where the mind leads. . It all starts with motivation…. real or imagined on the six-inch playing field between the ears.

What the mind believes the body can achieve. This is why goals are so essential to get success and growth.

Lastly, number eight, know why you were doing what you’re doing every single day. If your ultimate goal is to run a full marathon someday, then you must start by focusing on what you do every day. Be willing to pay the price for success. Earn it. Big successes are achieved by putting in the hard work every single day.

To summarize know what your goals are,

  • write them down,
  • share them with others,
  • and keep them in focus.

How good do you want to be? How badly do you want it? Achieved daily acts of excellence in pursuit of your dreams. Live a life with specific goals and work towards them.. You will be surprised at what you can achieve.

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